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Rules of the League

Mid Ohio Swim League 2013 Summer Regulations-

Dual Meet Rules

  1. Stroke Rules: USA Guidelines

  2. Age Groups: Swimmers age as of June 1st.

  3. Lane Assignments: Home Team – Even Lanes/Visitor – Odd Lanes (Coaches can alter this rule if agreed upon before the start of their meet)

  4. Number of Events: Four total events by each athlete each dual meet.  Any four, relay or individual.

  5. Swimming Up: Swimmers can swim up during meets, their choice of events, with coach's approval.

  6. Warm Ups: Home team warm-up at 5:00pm.  Visiting team warm-up at 5:30pm.  Meet starts at 6:00pm.

  7. Scoring:

    1. Individual: 5-3-1.  A team can only place two individuals per event. 

    2. Relays: 8-4.  A team can only place one relay per event. 

    3. Tri-Meets

      1. Individual: 7-5-4-3-2-1. A team can only score two swimmers. 

      2. Relay: 14-10-8. Team cans only score one relay.

Championship Rules

  1. Stroke Rules: USA Guidelines - This meet will be USA monitored, so USA swimmers will be able use their MOSL Championship times for USA meets.   USA registered swimmers’ times will be entered into the SWIMS database.

  2. Number of Events: 3 individual events plus 2 relays for all age groups.

  3. Meet Structure: The meet will consist of all timed final events. 

  4. Meet Worker Requirements: Each team is required to provide three timers and one bull pen worker for Championships.

  5. Relays: Each team’s “A” has the potential to score. Each team may have also enter a non-scoring “B” relay in each relay event.

  6. 500 Freestyle:  Non-Scoring open event offered at the end of the meet.